No tengo la fuerza de destruir los sueños de mi padre.


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15 Brilliant Shower Ideas [mashable]

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LOL at the Katniss/Peeta one.

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Achtung: I’m taking a break from this blog for a bit.

I’m spending 7 months in Munich, Germany, and I’m amassing all my thoughts and photos and experiences into an oh-so-original “study abroad” blog. If you’d like to check it out, the link is:



I wish my boyfriend would make some goddamn male friends.



Veronica Mars (2013) - Full Theatrical Trailer

Is it too early to be counting down the hours until this happens?

For my sister, with whom I cannot WAIT to go see this sure-to-be masterpiece. Now to rewatch the entire series beforehand…an impossible feat, to be sure, but I will attempt!

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Interesting, but I wonder how experts would feel about this.

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It’s really terrifying, publishing your words online.

You’re inviting absolutely anyone with an Internet connection and the off chance that they stumbled upon your writing to criticize everything, from syntax and word choice to experiences and opinions. I, like most people, am very unsure about my writing, and it’s scary to know that my words are now visible for the world to judge.

I’d be wise to remember this.

I’d be wise to remember this.

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Off I go…

And 5 minutes into my adventure, it’s become blaringly obvious that I don’t speak any German.

10 Controversial Ways I Plan On Raising My Daughter

Vieux-Lyon - Lyon, France
Cold fire by Michael Muraz

Study Abroad Countdown: 17 Days

I’ve spent the last few days doing insane amounts of research, making my head hurt with calculations of Eurrail passes and non-stop reviews of hostels and ministrations to find the cheapest inter-Europe flights…and it all came down to buses. I found a bus from Munich to Prague for 9 Euros. This is incredible, compared to the train costs I’ve encountered (115 Euros from Munich to Budapest?!). At this rate, I’ll be shocked if I get any studying done at all.

If anyone has suggestions of where to go or what to see, send them my way. I’m eager to hear of others’ experiences and adventures. 

Now I have to decide how to chronicle my adventures. Should I use this blog, and annoy the hell out of my followers? Or make a new one, a study-abroad-in-Munich-handbook of sorts, to help out fellow exchange students? Or should I keep it private, off-the-web in an old-fashioned leather bound journal?

The possibilities for the next 8 months are endless. My constraints are only time and money, and those can and will easily be overcome with crazy planning and a will of steel. But I have only 17 days left on this continent, and I have so much to do, from paperwork to shopping to packing and planning. And I’ve never been happier.


I fluctuate

between warm-hearted love and cool indifference.

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